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Welcome to Lauren Bizarre

Story of Lauren

BDSM is always in my mind. My life is 24 hours BDSM. Meet me, talk to me, share your BDSM with me.

BDSM Coaching

Your kinky coach speaks

Pass your exame

Listen to your Coach

Very seductive teacher

Loved by all

In all my years experience with BDSM, I met a few Mistresse who are BDSM. This Lady, Mistress, Dominatrix, Kinky Lady is BDSM. I loved every second of punishment.
Reem Kinky
Wrapped in Latex, paying attention to this Coach is very, very hard. My fantasy is going on and on and on. Also the pain and pleasure. I love this Mistress Teacher.
Bryan Lambert
Allways a great pleasure to work with this stunning Mistress. We are the best combination in this Universe
Mistress Emma